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Pre-Seed to Series A Rounds
Premium Quality Startups
Up To $500K Tickets in 24 Hours

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Adam Ahmad Founder & CEO, KEA  -- Backed by YCombinator, Sequoia and Softbank

Introducing Indestro: Strategic Syndicates in 24 Hours

Fundraising is hard. 
We have been in your shoes many, many times. 
We algorithmically identify startups,  and 
syndicate up to a $500,000 ticket within 24 hours.  

No Hustling Needed

Submit your round and our deal team will immediately tell you if we can start the 24 hour deal clock.
Stop shopping around.

Stop Leaking Info

Share your deck, data room and details with only those investors who commit to 24 hour close. Protect your sensitive secrets.

Escape Endless DD Pain

No tire kickers, no rookie angels, no tiny tickets, 
no cap table bloat. 
Min ticket > 10x AngelList. 
Max 10 investors per SPV.

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"Submit to signature took only 20 hours."

Emrah Yalaz Co-founder, Indestro -- 3x Entrepreneur

"Top founders get privacy, 24-hour turnaround and peace of mind."

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Submit Your Deal

Deal team will review your deck, verify lead angel track record, prepare DD material. and on-board your deal online. On-boarding is a one-time exercise.   

Deal Clock Starts

We notify investors, and the deal clock is on. We field most of the DD, and coordinate one group Q&A with investors. 

Matched in 24 Hours

We send documents, review and countersign online. Our compliance team completes transactions conveniently and securely via our online platform.
See How It Works

How It Works

Emrah Yalaz Founder, Indestro -- 3x Entrepreneur

"Built on the fastest back-office with over 3000 SPVs under Management "

What Are The Terms?

We track reputable leads, follow them or syndicate with them within a 24 hour deal clock. Leads keep full carry on their own backers. 
We cover full-service SPV. 

Why These Terms?

Speed, track record, skin in the game and complementary value-networks matter in early stage. We serve founders and leads with speed.

What Kind Of Startups?

Recurring Themes: 
STEM MS/PhD founders
Entrepreneur First
Headquarters in NYC, Berlin, London, LA, Austin, Seattle


Non-US Founder OK?

Yes. We have been in your shoes and fully appreciate your challenge.

Non-US Investor OK?

Yes. We provide the same full-service SPV (accounting, compliance, tax zero-touch thru exit) for international investors.

Non-US Companies OK?

Selectively, Yes. We have international exits under our belt. Active leads in London, Berlin, Barcelona, and Istanbul.

Ben Wild Founder & CEO Iotera -- Acquired by Amazon

"When you need a tactical bridge 
Indestro will be there."

Dr. Timo Schlaefer Founder & CEO, Crypto Facilities
Acquired by Kraken

"Get Indestro team on your side."

CVC Mandates

Carnegie, IIT, ETH, KIT, ITMO, SPbU, Georgia Tech, Waterloo, Bogazici, METU grads get
Zero-Fee Co-investments

Globally-Ranked Unis

Carnegie, IIT, ETH, KIT, ITMO, SPbU, Georgia Tech, Waterloo, Bogazici, METU grads get
Zero-Fee Co-investments

Family Office Mandates

Active Mandates: Logistics, Energy, Education, SynBio. 
Zero Management Fee for Family Offices.

Can Abacigil Founder & CEO FlightRecorder 
Acquired by ClickTale

"Painless smart money."

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